Re-opening from 4th July 2020 including later amendments (22nd September).

The club is currently closed due to National Lockdown 2

Strictly for members only. Please read all the information below including the information for members, risk assessment and study our one way plans. In through the normal entrance queuing from the front door down the access ramp and around onto Daisy Lea Lane, if necessary (ensuring social distancing is maintained), exit from the club will be through the front door as indicated using the one way system.  Every member must have their active membership card to gain access.  Without your card access will be denied, you must scan your card on entry and use the hand sanitiser on the wall near the lounge. Every member must use their membership card so we can provide a track and trace facility should any infection occur (this is our way of you signing in)  Tier 3 situation no longer applies as from Thursday 5th November we will have to close under the national lockdown,so come and join us before 9.50pm on Wednesday 4th November.

On arrival at the club please be wearing a face covering and keep this on until you are seated.  You may remove it whilst you are sat at a table but must put it back on if you need to move within the club, Please note that the revised opening times are available here ,as everyone including staff need to vacate the premises by 10pm we are asking people to leave no later that 9.50pm Thursday to Sunday, 8pm Monday to Wednesday.  We respectfully ask that if you are ordering a taxi that you order it to arrive before 9.45pm as you will be unable to wait inside the club after this time whatever the weather. There is strictly (by law) no bar service and service is from your table only. Children are not permitted at the present time, in order that we can ensure we are able to maintain social distancing and track and tracing.  Procedures are next being reviewed prior to reopening.  Due to the Government's local lockdown measures we are unable to proceed with live entertainment until next year at the earliest. As guidance changes we will make appropriate update


Payment is possible via three different methods, all of which are table service.  There is no service at the bar. Please find a table to sit at where you can socially distance.  A server will come to your table.

1) Pay by debit card at your table preferabley contactless (receipt issued)

 2) Add cash  to your membership card in a note or notes  on arrival and use this for paying for drinks.(receipt issued)

3) By Cash at your table