The committee is elected every year at the Annual General Meeting which takes place each February. A monthly committee meeting takes place on the second Tuesday evening of each month. If you have any items / queries for the attention of the committee please write to the secretary who will then ensure it is brought to the attention of the committee at their next meeting. The committee welcomes all suggestions members may have for improvement, customer care or entertainment etc.;

Club Officials 2021/22

President Ian Fawcett
Vice-President Gordon Cairns
Secretary Dawn Fawcett
Treasurer David Taylor
Concert Secretary Marc Sleigh
Subscription Secretary Lynda Dyson
Snooker Representative Richard Kaye
Bowling Representatives Ladies Dawn Fawcett
Gentlemen Martin Holt
Dominoes Janice Watson
Web Site Marc Sleigh
Committee Denise Jones Tracey McDermottt Martin Eaton Lynda Dyson
  Janice Watson Cath Mackenzie Marc Sleigh Paul Bancroft  

Sub Committees

Finance & Bar Lynda Dyson David Taylor  
Dawn Fawcett Ian Fawcett Gordon Cairns Tracey McDermott Martin Eaton
Safeguarding & Incidents Ian Fawcett Dawn Fawcett Gordon Cairns Martin Eaton  
House, Health & Safety Ian Fawcett Dawn Fawcett Gordon Cairns Sarah Bousfield
Entertainment Marc Sleigh Paul Bancroft Denise Jones Janice Watson Sarah Bousfield Gordon Cairns